Without any commitment, you can connect anytime anywhere!
This service is opened 24H/24H 7/7

Your card will expire 3 months after first connection.
ManaSPOT/ViniSPOT cards are non-refundable: you won’t receive any refund for unused minutes if your card expires before you used all your credit.

How to use this card ?

En connexion Wi-Fi

  1. Our ManaSPOT/ViniSPOT card is materialized by two identifiers you will discover after scratching the grey zone in the back of the card, or that you can purchase online wtih a credit card.,
  2. You will need these login and password to get connected on all of ManaSPOT/ViniSPOT zones.
  3. You can consult the remaining time when you are connected, thanks to a popup window called “info session” which appears as soon as you’re connected.
  4. This window must not be cancelled and should be used to disconnect.