How to connect?

It’s easy to connect to ViniSPOT network.

Step 1: When you are located in a ViniSPOT area, select “ViniSPOT” within your wireless network configuration and click the button Connect! (choose the ViniSPOT that has the best radio signal) Before, you need to be sure you have a wireless network interface card installed on your laptop. Most newer laptops come with one installed.

Step 2: Launch your Web browser (usually Internet Explorer or Firefox Navigator, or safari) and wait until the log-in page appears.

Step 3: Enter the codes of your ViniSPOT scratch card (login and password) and valid.

Congratulations, you are connected to the Internet!

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the ViniSPOT welcome page. At this point, you can connect to other resources and sites on the Internet.

How to disconnect?

As soon as you will be connected, a popup window called “Info session” will appear. It will give you your remaining time. This window must not be cancelled and should be used to disconnect.